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If this doesn't reduce your hair fall, nothing can!

Let us understand why we are so confident in our Patented Microemulsion Technology and its performance. Watch to learn how Root Deep works to reduce hair fall and fight all 6 common reasons behind hair fall.

Is there a Clinical Proof?

Based on our research*, it was evident that Root Deep is effective on all 6 factors behind hair loss, while the currently available products in the market work on just 1 or 2 concerns. In a Dermatologist approved clinical study done on Indian customers, we have proof that Root Deep is the best solution out there in market to treat hair loss with real natural nutrition and without any side effect.

9/10 people got hair fall reduction starting from 6 day of treatment

7/10 people experienced increased hair density after 100 days of treatment

*Based on an open label study to evaluate the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of Concentrated Natural Topical Formulations (Root Deep Hydroil Treatment) in the management Of Alopecia Or Hair Loss.

Supporting Products

Root Deep Scalp Serum for Strong Hair Maintenance

Root Deep

₹ 1,600.00

Root Deep Scalp Shampoo for Hair Fall Reduction

Root Deep

₹ 2,300.00

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Duration of Treatment

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Scalp Hydroil Shock & Scalp Hydroil, packed together as Hydroil Kit is the Advance Anti Hair Loss treatment to be used for 100 days. In these 100 days, you can expect visible hair fall reduction in 10 days and new baby hair growth by 100 days.

    After 100 days, you can switch to Scalp Serum which is a part of Maintenance treatment.

    Root Deep Shampoo is the supporting product that has the role of keeping your scalp healthy, comfortable & strong enough to hold the hair firmly.

  2. The answer is yes and no, both. 

    Root Deep is a topical scalp treatment with limited influence on internal body functioning. While the results may vary from individual to individual, Root Deep treatment will perform topically in most cases.

    Concerns such as stress, seasonal hair fall, dandruff, allergic conditions, and temporary hormonal imbalance can be treated effectively with Root Deep within 100 days.

    Whereas concerns like alopecia, genetic or auto-immune disorders, hereditary, PCOD, thyroid or other chronic hormonal issues related to hair loss, can only be delayed or avoided as long as you are using Root Deep, but can't be cured. In those cases, Root Deep may not provide lasting results.

  3. Multi-peptides, Precious Oils, Potent Herbs, Biotin or Zinc, Root Deep is a mixture of everything that's proven and needed for thicker, fuller, denser hair with a super healthy scalp.

    On top of this powerful mix of actives, Root Deep is formulated with Patented Microemulsion Technology which ensures that all the nutrition reaches deep into hair roots and does not get wasted on the surface of the scalp.

  4. In cases of topical, environmental or stress-induced hair loss, Root Deep needs to be used only for 100 days. 

    Whereas chronic or hormonal-induced hair loss can only be delayed, or avoided but can’t be cured.

    In such cases, you need to consider Root Deep Scalp Serum as the lifelong maintenance serum, after completing the 100 Day Scalp Hydroil Treatment Kit.

  5. Complete treatment of Root Deep Scalp Hydroil Shock and Scalp Hydroil for 100 days can trigger hair regrowth in 7 out of 10 users. Provided that customer is not suffering from chronic diseases, hormonal imbalance or immunity disorders. It is recommended to use Root Depe Scalp Serum and consume Root Deep Complete Scalp Food to maintain the growth achieved from the treatment, and extend life of hair.

  6. Step 1: 

    First, start with Scalp Hydroil Shock, as it will increase micro blood circulation and strengthen the hair roots. Use Hydroid Shock for 10 consecutive nights.

    Step 2:

    Then, you must start using Scalp Hydroil, as step two. It will prevent hair fall from coming back, and also regrow new hair. As you will apply step two product called Hydroil for 20 alternate nights, you will complete 1 cycle of 50 days (10 Days with Hydroil Shock & 40 Days with Hydroil). 

    Quite a few of our customers get satisfactory result in these 50 days only, but through a learning from our Clinical Trial, we recommend continuing the treatment for 100 days by using one more Kit of Hydroil Shock & Hydroil each, which we call Cycle-2. 

    Together, Cycle-1 & Cycle-2 will complete the full course of treatment and your will get the best possible results with stronger hair, healthier scalp and nourished hair root.

  7. When it comes to Androgenic Alopecia, Androgen is the main culprit hormone. While no cosmetic product can work on the systemic level of glands producing these hormones, only a selected few like Scalp Hydroil can reduce the influence of this hormones at dermis level. Scalp Hydroil can break down an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase which is the main element for DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) to form from Testosterone. As a result, excess oil production causing follicle blockage and shrinkage can be prevented at dermis level.

    So yes, Hydroil is designed to work in the case of Androgenic Alopecia. Use it as guided by your therapist. If you follow this regime, it will certainly help you with your hair thinning & hair fall both. May also increase your hair density as well on scalp.Androgenic Alopecia is also commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness or Female Pattern Hair Loss. 

  8. Root Deep Scalp Treatment Kit is a scalp preparation, as it works on improving scalp. Hence, it is to be applied only on the scalp. However, it suits all hair/scalp types for hair fall or scalp sensitivity. 

  9. Root Deep Scalp Hydroil Shock is designed with Patented Microemulsion Technology to penetrate deep and recharge the undernourished hair roots. In just 10 days, it increases the micro blood circulation of scalp and strengthens the hair root through a clinically-proven blend of potent botanical actives and essential hair peptides.

  10. Scalp Hydroil Shock is meant to be used for 10 consecutive nights only. Yes, you will get visible hair fall reduction in this time frame but you must follow it up with Scalp Hydroil from 11th night onwards to prevent your hair fall from coming back and regrowing new hair in 100 days.

    Scalp Hydroil Shock maybe used along with Scalp Serum in case of seasonal hair fall or reactionary due to a fever, change in water, etc.

  11. Root Deep Scalp Hydroil Kit has been formulated with Certified Natural ingredients and the products are tested by Dermatologists to be extremely safe. The treatment can be repeated any time in future, if the hair fall reappears. We recommend using Scalp Hydroil Kit at least 100 days every 1 or 2 years. 

    As per our clinical study, there are no known side effects of using Root Deep Scalp Hydroil Treatment Kit. Root Deep has no known withdrawal effects like Minoxidil, upon stopping the use.

  12. We have done an Indian Ethics Committee approved, multi centric clinical study of Root Deep with two of India's most reputed dermatology centres. With folliscope device, we found that 9 out of 10 people got hair fall reduction in 10 days and 7 out of 10 people got hair regrowth in 100 days without any side effects. In addition, we also found that Root Deep Hydroil treatment gives relief from itchy flaky scalp as well.

  13. Minoxidil is the most commonly recommended treatment for hair fall and hair loss. Minoxidil is known to increase blood flow, which leads to hair growth. However, minoxidil can be harsh on scalp, leading to itchiness and redness. 

    Minoxidil does not work on other major factors that lead to hair fall and hair loss. Oily scalp, dandruff, weak hair follicle, hair thinning and lack of new hair cells are among the leading factors that cause hair fall, and eventually lead to hair loss. Root Deep works on all 6 major factors of hair fall. 

    Minoxidil may trigger severe hair loss upon stopping the use, as blood supply decreases and other factors behind hair loss remain unaddressed. Hence, Root Deep is a more holistic approach and does not lead to withdrawal symptoms after stopping the use, and hair growth is sustained for a longer period.

  14. No. It is not recommended to use Root Deep alongside Minoxidil, as Root Deep is a 100 days treatment whereas Minoxidil requires regular use. If used alongside minoxidil, Root Deep may not perform effectively and it will also be difficult to understand what really worked?

    You can switch to Root Deep Scalp Hydroil shock if you are already on minoxidil treatment. It will prevent the excess hair loss that occurs through the withdrawal effect of Minoxidil.

  15. Each Scalp Hydroil Kit Treatment lasts for 50 days. And every user must use at least two Scalp Hydroil Kits to complete 100 days Root Deep Scalp Treatment. 

    It depends on how many days were missed during the treatment, and at what step. Please understand the below cases to find a suitable answer for your concern - 

    Case 1: Missed a few days of use before completing first 10 days
    Yes. In this case, you will need to restart with Scalp Hydroil Shock - as the first 10 days of the treatment are critical. 

    Case 2: Missed a few days of use between Day 10 and Day 30
    In this case, we recommend to use Scalp Hydroil for every night instead of 20 alternate nights until Day 50, depending on how many applications remain. It is essential to complete Scalp Hydroil by Day 50 of the 100-days Root Deep Treatment.

    Case 3: Missed a few days of use between Day 30 and Day 60
    In this case, we recommend to complete Scalp Hydroil as per recommended dosage, and use it every night to finish the Scalp Hydroil bottle by Day 50, and begin using second Scalp Hydroil Shock on Day 51 until Day 60, every night. 

    Case 4: Missed a few days of use between Day 60 and Day 100

    In this case, no need to restart the treatment, just continue using the second Scalp Hydroil bottle until Day 100. If you missed a few applications in-between, follow it up by using Scalp Hydroil every night until Day 100 of treatment is complete. 

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