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Clinical Evidence

Root Deep's efficacy is proven through an Ethical Committee approved phase-4 clinical study concluded on July 27, 2017.

Clinical Trial Report & Patent

Clinical Trial Report & Patent

90% users experienced reduction of hair fall
in just 10 days

Root Deep Hydroil Shock has been proven to reduce hair fall substentially in just 10 days by enhancing microcirculation of blood, clearing follicle blockage & reducing scalp inflammation.

70% users experienced
better hair growth

Root Deep Hydroil works at a molecular level to increase hair root cells & stimulate hair growth. It also anchors existing hair fibre to prevent premature hair fall.

Healthy Hair starts with
Healthy Scalp

Root Deep Treatment improves the overall scalp health which results in thicker, fuller, denser hair withing 100 days.

Ingredient Supremacy

While most companies use single peptide or minoxidil to counter hair fall and low hair growth issue, Root Deep's patented formula consists 3 peptides, 9 oils and 15 phytonutrients to supercharge your hair roots.

Unisex Scalp Treatment

Root Deep is a scalp treatment which gives effective results regardless of hair length or texture on males, females & transgenders.

Fights all 6 Reasons of
Hair Loss

While competitor brands work only on one or two resaons behind hair loss, Root Deep's Patented Treatment works on all 6 major reasons behind hair loss.

Such as dandruff leading to scalp inflammation, reduced blood circulation causing depleted nourishment to hair roots, hair fibre breakage, Follicle shrinkage leading to hair thinning, excess sebum causing follicle blockage and Reduced hair cells leading to low hair growth.  

Better than Minoxidil

Root Deep Treatment does not contain Minoxidil. Unlike Minoxidil, Root Deep has no known withdrawal effects upon stopping the use. Root Deep also has no known side-effects of prolonged use so it can be used as hair loss prevention treatment as long as you want.

Supercharge your Scalp.

Ethical Committee Approved Phase-4 Clinical Study.

Patented Micro Encapsulation Technology for deeper scalp penetration.

Trusted by top Dermatologists.

3 peptides, 9 oils and 15 phytonutrients power in a bottle.

Fight all 6 major reasons behind hair loss, at once.

Holistic treatment without harsh chemicals for a lifelong care.