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How to fight Maskne?

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How to fight Maskne?

How to fight Maskne? (Mask+Acne)

Not all superheroes wear capes. But under the new normal, all heroes wear masks. Every person who wears a mask is helping in the fight against coronavirus. After all, it is the single best way to keep yourself protected.

But, do you know that wearing a mask for long hours can take a toll on your face skin?

Wearing a mask for a longer duration can cause acne, skin redness, and irritations. At Brillare, our scientists have developed a perfect skincare combo specially formulated to fight Mask (acne).

Use Oil Away Face Wash and Moisturiser

Brillare Oil Away Face Wash

A deep cleanser that unclogs acne-prone skin. Boosted with natural actives that give effective pore cleansing & oil reduction from the skin. It gives clear, non-greasy skin.

Cleanse your face with Oil Away Facewash every morning and night to prevent the build-up of bacteria, oil, and other pore-clogging elements.

Brillare Oil Away Moisturiser

A nourishing moisturiser that mattifies the skin. It is enriched with potent botanical actives for all-day oil control and shine-free hydration. It also has antimicrobial action.

Apply a layer of Oil Away moisturiser before wearing a mask that acts as a barrier against any friction or irritations.

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