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Three common reasons behind Dandruff

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Three common reasons behind Dandruff

Dandruff is a common relapsing inflammatory condition on scalp characterised by the presence of individually distinguishable flakes on the scalp, hair, or clothing.

Here are the three common reasons behind Dandruff

1. Increased Sebum Secretion:

Testosterone is a common hormone present in both male and females. It is especially found at higher levels in male. Testosterone breaks down to produce DHT (Di-hydro-testosterone). Higher quantities of DHT lead to increased sebum production by hair follicles. Excessive sebum accumulates inside the scalp, which leads to dandruff and fungus infection.

2. Fungal Infection

Several scientific research believes that a root cause of dandruff is an overgrowth of a yeast called Malassezia. Their rapid growth is caused by feeding caused by excessive sebum commonly found under dandruff conditions.

3. Inflammation & Itch

Excessive build-up of sebum and fungus Malassezia leads to an unhealthy buildup in your scalp leading to constant itchy scalp, visible flakes and inflammation.

The easiest way to treat it naturally is with powerful botanical active like celery seed (controls excessive scalp secretion), tea tree (nature's most potent anti-microbial ingredient) and neem (age old ingredient to purify and soothes your scalp)

Currently, at Brillare offers 100% natural, 100% active powerful botanical oil blend to relieve dandruff in just 15 days.

Dandruff Control Oil Shots

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